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The IDTechEx Show! Emerging Technologies - Santa Clara, CA

Eight concurrent conferences and a single exhibition covering 3D Printing, Electric Vehicles, Energy Storage, Graphene, Internet of Things, Printed Electronics, Sensors and Wearable Technology.

This event is the most commercially-focused conference and exhibition on graphene and other 2D materials. It is where companies unveil their latest technologies, launch their products, where technologists announce their latest commercially-relevant results, and where suppliers and end users from a variety of industries directly connect.

The graphene industry is going through an interesting period. The number of suppliers has grown, resulting in increased production capacity worldwide. There is continued appetite for investment and the end user interest in graphene and its potential grows surprisingly fast. End users from many industries now want to evaluate graphene and suppliers are increasingly building up very robust pipelines.

The go-to-market strategy is still largely based on substituting existing materials. Here, graphene is still in the realm of offering more for more (or the same at the best) although a more-for-same value proposition may soon be reached if cost reductions exceed their current rapid trajectory.

The first wave of products have already hit the markets. Most are small volumes and somewhat gimmicky, capitalising on the good brand of 'graphene'. The best however is to yet to come as new applications steadily make their way through the long and winding qualification tunnels.