Graphene Innovation in Alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals.


Accelerating Graphene Innovation

Pheneovate drives innovation through key partnerships within the nascent graphene industry, in alignment with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals - the SDGs. 

Specific SDGs addressed through the commercialization of graphene products are #8) Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Growth; #9) Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure; and #17) Partnerships for the Goals.

The Pheneovate team and its partners firmly believe that utilizing graphene in numerous products is key to achieving these ambitious targets to alleviate global problems. 


Our Graphene Marketplace

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur or established scientist, see how the employees and partners of Pheneovate can assist in getting your ideas and products out of the laboratory and into the global marketplace.

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Graphene and the SDGs

By aligning its business with the SDGs, Pheneovate focuses on solutions that have measurable impact on sustainable economic growth, innovation and infrastructure, and establishing partnerships working towards the goals.

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Graphene Partners

Key partnerships with leading researchers, universities, National labs, and regional economic development centers in the United States assist in the commercialization of graphene products.

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