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Accelerating Graphene Innovation

Pheneovate drives innovation through key partnerships within the emerging graphene industry. We’ve been working since 2017 to bring quality control, lab testing, and certification to the graphene product industry.

Through the first of its kind, U.S. based premium graphene marketplace; product licensing agreements; and fee arrangements within the industry - Pheneovate is poised to lead breakthroughs in the graphene industry. As the first premium graphene marketplace, we are establishing partnerships within the supply chain and early relationships with top industry stakeholders.

Our premium graphene materials enable the acceleration graphene product commercialization. The Pheneovate team and its partners firmly believe that utilizing graphene in revolutionary, sustainable products is key to achieving ambitious targets to alleviate global problems. 


Our Graphene Marketplace

Entrepreneurs, Scientists, and R&D Professionals - see how Pheneovate can assist in getting your ideas and products out of the lab - and into the global marketplace. Request graphene samples and purchase graphene material.

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Graphene News and Research

The latest news regarding advancements in the graphene industry, innovation in graphene material, and research relevant to the commercialization of graphene products for everyday use.

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Graphene and Global Goals

See how continued innovation in graphene products and technologies can accelerate the achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals - protecting the planet and ensuring prosperity through graphene use. 

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