Our Roots and Goals.

Working as a consultant with the American Energy Society, Pheneovate Founder Logan Jenkins attended more than thirty national energy conferences from 2016 to 2018. At these events, early-stage startups, established companies in niche markets, and global brands like Samsung were introducing energy storage devices, solar cells, and transmission lines using a newly discovered material - graphene.

Graphene is a single, dense layer of pure carbon atoms that bond in a honeycomb-like lattice. Two-dimensional and one atom thick, it is the thinnest, strongest, and the lightest compound known to science. The applications in the energy space were endless; however; the material was difficult to source in quantity and notoriously hard to work with.

Logan's work eventually led him to the University of Wyoming. Sitting at a table with energy leaders and policymakers from around the U.S., the discussion was centered on a Carbon Innovation Venture Capital Fund to be introduced through the University and State. The state has a sizable Mineral Trust Fund and the University has incredible research facilities and talent. Graphene, a pure carbon product, was discussed as a potential material to be manufactured in Wyoming.

After further research into the market for graphene and the production and procurement of graphene product, two problems were immediately evident. One, there is no U.S. marketplace with lab-tested and certified premium quality product. Two, the research and commercial sector will demand premium quality products and expertise in the emerging field.

Pheneovate was established to bring quality control, lab testing, and certification to the graphene product industry. Through the first of its kind, U.S. based premium graphene marketplace; product licensing agreements; and fee arrangements within the industry - Pheneovate is poised to lead breakthroughs in the graphene industry. As the first premium graphene marketplace, we are establishing partnerships within the supply chain and early relationships with top industry stakeholders. Our reputation as a knowledgeable, reputable, service-oriented company will be well-known prior to possible competitors entering the market.

We are now focused on the full launch of our marketplace, partnership development, and additional industry growth. Our marketplace will showcase the select offerings of premium companies meeting specific criteria; and allow their products to be purchased by researchers and industry professionals online, by phone, and through purchase orders.