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NGA Graphene Innovation and Research Conference


During the first day of the conference, leading scientists and scholars will share the most recent research, innovation, and trends in the field of graphene and start building a robust graphene research network within the U.S. The second day of the event will address economic development and industrial impact enabled by graphene.

With the initial year of the Graphene Innovation & Research Conference focusing on the Southeast region and being held in the home state of the current chair of the NGA Graphene Academic Council – the University of Mississippi. Each subsequent year the conference series will be held in different regions of the country, in order to advance graphene development and forge partnerships throughout the nation.

The 2019 Graphene Innovation & Research Conference will be supported by The University of Mississippi and the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA).

“This conference is the continuation of NGA initiatives to cater to the needs of the graphene current and future stakeholders. Following the hugely successful American Graphene Summit on Capitol Hill -supported by Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) – this event focuses on graphene research, innovation and its impact on regional and national economic development,” said Dr. Zina Jarrahi Cinker, Executive Director of the NGA.

“Graphene will impact the global economy every area and in ways yet unimagined.  Our hope is that we will have a national center for graphene development and the transfer of this technology in all areas of commerce. This conference will acquaint Mississippi business and industry of the revolution coming and being facilitated by the NGA,” said Dr. Ed Meek of Oxford, NGA Founder and President.